• The rainbow symbolizes joy, peace, happiness, health, hope and the beginning of something new.

    At the end of the rainbow is a golden treasure, at least in fairy tales.


    The lovely rainbow necklace is made of fimo mass, and the strap is a leather strap, as well as a plastic safety lock that opens if the strap is pulled hard.


    The jewelry is an accessory and is designed to suit both boy and girl.


    Jewelry is available in two sizes. Another option is a long ribbon, approx. 85 cm, where you can shorten the jewelry to your own length (it is easy to cut and put the knot inside the plastic lock with scissors, and the other measure is this 40 cm child-friendly measure, which can also be seen in the picture.


    If I want a certain length of time for us to shorten, then put a post in the comments section, that too will work.




    Rainbow neclace / Orange pink