• Baby knot is suitable for newborns.

    Baby knot size is most suitable for about 0-2 year olds. The collar is adorable and still doesn’t pay too much attention to the child’s face, so a small baby knot is an advantage, especially in baby photography.

    The nylon collar is one size, or one size, and is suitable for a baby to an adult head. Only the bow part (baby knot) is smaller in this model than in a standard bow collar.

    The collar is a really soft, "tights-like" material and stretches well without squeezing the child's head.

    Please note that you will not leave the child unattended at the head, and we recommend taking the collar off, for example, while sleeping.

    A bow strap is an accessory.

    Glittering New Year -Baby k

    • The hand-sewn bow strap is super-soft and stretchy nylon that doesn’t squeeze the baby’s or child’s head.

      The collar fits from the newborn to the head of an adult.

      Each of the bows is unique because the products are handcrafted.

      The collar does not need to be washed before use, but if you want to wash, you can wash only the collar part by hand with warm water and soap, for example.

      If there is visible dirt on the bow itself, it can also be washed gently and shaped wet to dry.