Baby knot pins are suitable for baby to adult. They stay really well in even the most delicate and short baby hair, but also keep the front girl's front hair on the side or decorate the tails well.

Baby knot pins are the result of "cutting waste" left over from bows as well as sewing clothes.

The bows have metal "alligator pins" with a length of 5.5 cm.

Each package has 2 identical pins.

All bows are handcrafted with the same pattern, but different fabrics behave differently and thus may have slight differences.

The metal parts of the pins are not stainless, so avoid wetting them. Also, do not store in a humid place, swim or sauna pins in the hair. If the pin accidentally gets wet, dry it with a towel immediately and place it in an airy place to dry.

Beige square baby pins 2pcs